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Intellectual Property Law Firm


Expertise in Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents, Models and Copyright

Our team

The Law Firm is made up of teams of engineers and lawyers whose optimize, defend and secure the intellectual property rights of its clients.


With complementary skills and experience (experience in companies, in firms and internationally), all of C.B.S.A Intellectual Property's employees work daily to build a relationship of trust with their contacts.

Our clients benefit from a personalized team fully invested in their projects. Our teams are committed to being locally nearby to support them in the creation and / or filing of the brand name and until the completion of their project.

C.B.S.A Intellectual Property also has an international dimension and a global perspective, the Firm supports its clients worldwide.

Our team leaders

JV n&b rond.jpg

Jérémy Valgrésy

President of the agency RECONESSENS Naming & Design

Christophe Macquet

Christophe Macquet

Head of the Patent Department

and Engineer - Patent Attorney

Lucien Trouette.jpg

Lucien Trouette

Engineer - Patent Attorney

D'jordan Balland-Soulie

D'jordan Balland-Soulie

Legal Director

and Intellectual Property Attorney 

Florence Revel de Lambert

Florence Revel de Lambert

Attorney at Law 

IP, computer, internet and public data law

Sandrine Pétoin

Sandrine Petoin

Attorney at Law
IP Litigation (Industrial Property, Copyright, Neighboring and Internet Rights)

For further

Manuel Quesnot-Filippi

Manuel Quesnot-Filippi

Real Estate Attorney

Manuel Quesnot-Filippi is a specialist in real estate law.

For more than 10 years, he has advised companies in the management of their real estate assets as well in terms of contractual negotiations, pre-litigation or litigation.

Franck Vansoen

Franck Vansoen

Expert in Finance and Wealth Management

Franck Vansoen is a specialist in tax economics, retirement planning, and financial investments ... But not just any specialist!

For more than 20 years, he has guided and advised business leaders in the management of their wealth, including their intellectual property title.

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