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Cabinet de Conseils en Propriété Industrielle


Expertise en matière de Propriété Intellectuelle, de Marques, de Brevets, de Modèles et de Droits d'Auteur.

C.B.S.A Intellectual Property

belongs to the C.B.S.A GROUP®, created for the sole purpose of offering its customers an all-inclusive pack

(Naming, Visual identity, Industrial property advice, Lawyers)



Who are we?


The C.B.S.A® GROUP is the meeting of brand name creators, graphic designers, industrial property attorneys and lawyers who work hand in hand in order to offer an all-inclusive package for the realization of your projects.



Do you want to create a brand, product, company, website name? A design? Do you need legal support for your intellectual property rights questions and issues?

The group supports companies and individuals in the creation and development of any type of project and adapts its methods to each specific need.



The strength of the C.B.S.A® GROUP is that all of its specialists work together to offer the best support and always a single point of contact!

But above all, you can also call on their expertise on an individual basis.


Our skills are at your disposal for your greatest satisfaction.

Our brand name and visual identity (logo) creation agency, the RECONESSENS Agency supports companies and individuals in the creation and development of their project.


Our teams are mobilizing in order to create you original and distinctive names in order to make your new brand name THE reference NOM both in France and internationally.


We adapt to your specific needs in order to provide you with the best support, whatever your sector of activity.

Logo Reconessens - Naming and Design_3x.

C.B.S.A Intellectual Property supports companies and individuals in their development while supporting business creators.

The Firm is made up of teams of engineers and lawyers whose objectives are to optimize, defend and secure the intellectual property rights of its clients.

Our employees are involved daily in order to build a relationship of trust with its interlocutors.

Our team at C.B.S.A & Avocats are specialized in intellectual property law and related fields.


They invest daily to build a relationship of trust with their customers and partners.


We intervene in the field of Intellectual Property litigation but also in the area of illegal commercial practices, false or misleading advertising.

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